Maison Eros is the sensual and sensorial vision of multidisciplinary artist Léandre Cornette de Saint Cyr. Raised in a family of strong artistic sensibility, Léandre attended neither art nor fashion school, instead letting intuition guide his work, with paint substituting needle and thread to sculpt his pieces, instinctively. Entirely self-taught, his lack of formal training has become his signature over time and led him to create timeless statement pieces that are not dictated by passing trends or gender expectations. 
Maison Eros is a Paris-based, sustainable brand that offers exceptional and unique one-off pieces throughout highly visual capsules.
Exclusively hand-picked, envisioned and reworked by the designer, each piece is upgraded and turned into works of art in and of themselves. The brand embodies a new vision of second-hand, with upcycling as a compelling solution for buying less, but better.
Maison Eros welcomes its eclectic clientèle into an exceptional showroom, in the heart of the Marais, for a truly modern and intimate couture experience that tantalizes the senses. 
Inspiration is drawn by Japanese aesthetics and the Dolce Vita of the Amalfi Coast, by the panache of the 70s and 80s and the body of work of iconic artists through the ages, such as Helmut Newton or Araki. The underground flirts with the highly sophisticated in a hybrid universe where erotism reigns free. 
Maison Eros is an ode to freedom and sensuality, democratizing couture as an art form and bringing flamboyance back into everyday life and never-ending nights. These are pieces intended to be approached as armor, uniforms, costumes or as a second skin. You set the tone. 
Dare to stand out. No more blending in.
Being yourself is erotic.